Rodney animatronic
PERFORMER Chris Rock voice
DEBUT 1998

Rodney is a guinea pig who appears in the film Dr. Dolittle. Though an actual guinea pig is used in the film, Jim Henson's Creature Shop assisted in providing the effects for scenes in which the character talks.

Rodney is the pet of Dr. Dolittle's younger daughter, Maya. Dr. Dolittle bought him for her, but pays little attention to him and had thought that he had died.

Rodney is the second animal to talk to Dr. Dolittle, following his accident with Lucky the Dog. When Dr. Dolittle decides to join his family on their camping trip, he takes Rodney with him in his van. Dr. Dolittle is freaked by Rodney's attempts to talk to him and tries to leave him on the side of the road. Rodney manages to sweet-talk his way back on the trip, but ends up tied to the top of the roof.

Dr. Dolittle and Rodney are at loggerheads throughout the film. Even before Rodney starts talking, Dr. Dolittle threatens to "get rid of Maya's little rat-thing."