Self-portrait of Roger Langridge from Fred the Clown issue #5 (2004).

Roger Langridge is a New Zealand-born British cartoonist who illustrated Muppet comics for the American edition of the Disney Adventures magazine. Langridge is the writer and artist for The Muppet Show Comic Book, In a 2010 blog post he announced that he was stepping down from the comic book.

Among his comic character creations were The Zimmer Twins, Gumshoe McGurk, Private Eye, The Poobs, Four Little Hop-Toads, and Johnnie Steele and Lucille.

Official biography

"Roger Langridge was born in New Zealand in 1967. He decided to become a cartoonist when he was six years old; for some reason it stuck (perhaps because it was more attainable than his previous career goal of "mad scientist"). Roger drew a lot of comics with his brother Andrew when he was growing up. Eventually one of these evolved into Art Dekko (later "Art d'Ecco"), which was his first minicomic, in 1988. And things sort of rolled on from there... Roger moved to the UK in 1990 to try and go professional, and has worked for most major comic publishers at one time or another since then. He now lives in London with his wife Sylvie, their children Tamsin and Thomas, and somebody else's cat."

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