Rollie Krewson and Zoe

Krewson and Zoe


Krewson with a Green Anything Muppet.


Krewson in "Secrets of the Muppets," shown building Jojo for The Jim Henson Hour


Krewson with Feli Filu on the 2013 documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam.

Rollie Krewson (sometimes credited as Rollin Krewson) interned with the Muppets in the mid-1970s. She has contributed to almost every Henson production since her arrival and to this day carries her skills through Sesame Street.

She has been awarded 7 Emmy Awards for her contributions to Sesame Street and had been nominated many times for her work on other Henson productions. Although she now works primarily as a designer/builder, she began as a performer, doing small bits on The Muppet Show and other projects.

Krewson is frequently interviewed to comment on the process of puppet building, such as on the 2013 German documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam.

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