Ron Mueck, from the Labyrinth documentary

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1958, Ron Mueck spent over twenty years of his life as a professional puppet builder and performer. The son of toymakers, Mueck worked on a children's television show, Shirl's Neighborhood, performing various animal characters. He was recruited by Dave Goelz while filming international segments of Fraggle Rock. Moving to London around 1982, he worked on several Henson productions, most notably providing the puppetry and voice of Ludo in Labyrinth. Mueck also worked at the NY Muppet Workshop with the Muppet design team.

Now a successful hyper-realist sculptor based in London, Mueck creates works of art based on human form, chiefly out of silicone or polyester casts. Mueck's own attitude towards his sculpting work was revealed in an interview in 2002: "I don't know why I'm doing it but I don't know what else I'd be doing. I'm not driven by art, it's just all I can do."[1]

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