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DEBUT 1984

Ronnie Crawford is an aspiring Broadway producer in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Son of (and gofer for) veteran producer Bernard Crawford, Ronnie is impressed by Kermit the Frog's Manhattan Melodies when the Muppets make the agency rounds, but are rejected by his associate before he can do anything. Months later, when Kermit receive a letter of acceptance from Bernard Crawford, Kermit excitedly returns to Crawford's office, only to find it is closed. He is met by Ronnie, who admits he forged Bernard's signature as he is in the same boat as Kermit, still waiting for a chance to prove himself. The younger Crawford convinces his father to allow him his shot to prove himself, and to showcase the frog's talents. The plans almost fall through when Kermit succumbs to amnesia, but on opening night, the frog regains his memory and "Ronnie Crawford Presents Manhattan Melodies" is a success. The elder Crawford watches the show with his son, and is pleased he made a successful play.


In the book and audio adaptation, Ronnie's single line of dialogue is spoken by Steve Whitmire.