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Rosita's Abuela
DEBUT 2004

Rosita's Abuela is Rosita's grandmother from Mexico. She visits the street in Sesame Street Episode 4096. In her initial appearances, she was limited to speaking Spanish only, but has been shown speaking English as well. Episode 4415 in 2013 sees her taking up permanent residence on the street. She has since appeared in episodes 4417, 4801, 4816, and 5025.

Abuela also makes an appearance in the 1996 Sesame Street Live show, 1-2-3 Imagine!


The character's voice is typically done by another, Spanish-speaking voice actor. In Episode 4096, her voice was provided by Emilio Delgado. Sonia Manzano voiced the character in her season 44 appearances. Rosita's performer, Carmen Osbahr, voiced the character in Episode 4801[note 1] and Episode 4816.

For Sesame Street Live, her voice was done by Beth Marlin Lichter.

Aymee Garcia performs Abuela starting with Season 53.

Book appearances[]


Rosita's Abuela 3341

Rosita's abuela in Episode 3341.

  • A grandmother of Rosita's was seen flying in Episode 3341, however a different puppet and personality was used for that character, performed by Julianne Buescher.
  • In one audio appearance of the character, it is implied in dialogue that Abuela is Ricardo's mother, making her Rosita's grandmother on her father's side.


  1. โ†‘ The original televised version features a few lines dubbed by another performer, which were later redubbed by Osbahr. (audio sample)

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