Written by Lynn Freeman Olson
Illustrator Daryl Cagle
Published 1987
ISBN 0793524318

Jim Henson's Muppets Present Rowlf's Very Own First Piano Book includes music for 11 original songs based on Muppet themes. The book is arranged for easy piano, and edited by Milton Okun. Each song is illustrated with a picture of Rowlf the Dog, drawn by Daryl Cagle. (Cagle's name is incorrectly spelled as "Kagle" on the book's cover).

Song listing

  • Rowlf's Blues
  • Sleepy Morning
  • Spelling Lesson C A D G
  • Rowlf's Rag
  • Rainy Day Mood
  • Rowlf's Tune
  • Blue Notes
  • Moving Along
  • Grasshoppers
  • A Song to You
  • Happy Times

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