Characters and alter-egos assumed by Rowlf the Dog in Muppet productions.

Picture Name Production Notes
Sherlock Holmes The Muppet Show
episode 103
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Clues: Rowlf plays Holmes to Baskerville's Watson.
Dr. Bob The Muppet Show
recurring role
From the Veterinarian's Hospital sketches, a punning surgeon who's gone to the dogs.
King Arthur The Muppet Show
episode 305
In the Muppet production of Camelot, Rowlf plays King Arthur.
Cesar rowlf
Caesar The Muppet Show
episode 320
During "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off," Rowlf plays Caesar.
A chicken The Muppet Show
episode 321
Rowlf contracts Cluckitis.
Father in "Jabberwocky" The Muppet Show
episode 506
The Muppet production of the poem "Jabberwocky" features Scooter as the young man and Rowlf as his father.
A gobagoo Sing-Along, Dance-Along, Do-Along Rowlf fails to do what he has to do, and thus turns into a gobagoo.
Rex the Wonder Dog Muppet Madness Rowlf plays Rex the Wonder Dog on a TV program that the player decides the premise of (either soap opera Our Turning World or the outer space adventure Space Quest). In either scenario, Rex is relegated to just the opening credits and closing teaser, uttering a mere "Woof."
Merlin The Jim Henson Hour episode 102 In a variation on his Dr. Bob role, Rowlf plays a punning wizard.
Elvis Presley The Jim Henson Hour
episode 107
Merlin pulls a sword out of a knight patient's head with the understanding that he will become "the King." He promptly turns into a Muppet caricature of Elvis (still sporting Rowlf's ears and voice) and sings "Hound Dog."
MCC Rowlf
Dickensian Rowlf The Muppet Christmas Carol Rowlf had a brief and silent role as the piano player at Fozziwig's Christmas party along with the Electric Mayhem.
Dizzy Salami Commercial for Esskay Meats Rowlf plays scatting hipster Dizzy Salami of the Luncheon Meat Five.


Picture Name Production Notes
RobinHoodBook-1985-RowlfTheDog Alan-a-Dale Robin Hood Illustrated by Bruce McNally
Alanadale Alan-a-Dale Muppet Robin Hood Illustrated by Armand Villavert Jr. with covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Rowlf.peterpan Slightly Muppet Peter Pan Illustrated by Amy Mebberson with covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Rowlf.kingarthur Merlin the Magician Muppet King Arthur Illustrated by James Silvani and Dave Álvarez with additional covers by David Petersen and Amy Mebberson
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