DEBUT 1994
PATTERN Lavender

Roxanne is a big-eared woman who becomes the object of Cyranose de Bergerac's affections in episode 3233 of Sesame Street. Much like Cyranose and his elongated nose, Roxanne is very sensitive about her ears (which give her heightened hearing abilities), going ballistic if anyone even says the word.

New to the street, she pays a visit to Finders Keepers to fetch some perfume. Ruthie samples a particular favorite of fairy tale princesses that wish to attract Prince Charming. The smell attracts Cyranose, who trailed the smell from down the block and is quickly smitten with Roxanne, who jokes he's no Prince Charming, especially in the way he speaks. Cyranose exits before Roxanne can compliment his accent and sets out to find him.

Meanwhile, Cyranose enlists Elmo's help to hide from Roxanne and devise a way he can ask her to the movies without using his accent. Roxanne is unable to talk to him and gets advice from Linda and friends to write him a letter telling him how she feels. Cyranose comes to his senses elsewhere, realizing they can be friends despite how different they sound. Cyranose finally asks her to the movies, though Roxanne prefers to have a nice conversation somewhere first, as she loves the way Cyranose's voice sounds.

Roxanne's name is a reference to Roxane, the non-big eared love interest of Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1840 play and other adaptations, including the modernized film Roxanne.

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