DEBUT 1991
PATTERN Lavender


Roxie with her Uncle Biff.

On The Phil Donahue Show

Roxie Marie is Biff's niece, an intelligent young girl who has a fondness for bugs. She appeared on Sesame Street from Season 23 through Season 28.

In her earliest appearances, Roxie Marie spoke in a genial tone with just a touch of a suburban accent. Her voice lowered over time and her accent became more thickly defined as someone who grew up in Brooklyn.

More specifically hailing from Canarsie, she attended a local school where she sat next to Kingston Livingston III in class. She can serve a "big sister" role with Elmo, sometimes annoyed that he "will get in the way" when he takes interest in her activities, which might include looking for a bug or trying to train a butterfly.


  • Roxie Marie's last name is Callahan, as referenced in Episode 2929.


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