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PERFORMER David Greenaway face
  Pons Maar body
  Sam McMurray voice
DEBUT 1991

Roy Hess is Earl Sinclair's best friend and co-worker on Dinosaurs. An affable tyrannosaurus rex, usually addressing Earl as "pally boy", Roy is known to Earl's kids as Uncle Roy. He is a bachelor and has a serious crush on Monica DeVertebrae. He also briefly dated Earl's sister, Pearl.

David Greenaway puppeteered Roy's face. Pons Maar, Roy's suit performer, operated the huge head (held high above his own) from inside the suit, using a small monitor to see the outside world. Roy's tiny animatronic arms were operated with an arm-rig by Julianne Buescher.


  • According to the episode "Georgie Must Die," Roy's middle name is "Danger." It was his mother's maiden name, and they wanted to keep it in the family.
  • He is named for the Hess Petroleum Refineries Company, similar to how the Sinclairs were named for the Sinclair Oil Company.
  • Les is his long-lost father.
  • The animatronic skull remains of Roy was used as a prop in the maintenance room of the Five Nights at Freddy's film.[1]