Jim Henson made four 20-second commercials for Royal Crown Cola in 1966. The ads featured two Muppets, Nutty Bird and Sour Bird. Three of the ads are summarized below; the fourth ad was called "Swallow".

Image Title Description
Guitar Nutty Bird strums on a guitar.

Nutty Bird: (sings) I sing the praises of Royal Crown Cola!

Sour Bird: I hate folk singers with a message.

Nutty Bird: It is such a wow, you should buy some now!

Sour Bird: Great lyrics.

Nutty Bird: Royal Crown is its name, it's got quick-fresh energy, and you'll love RC like me!

Sour Bird: Is that the end?

Nutty Bird: There is no end to the praises I sing of Royal Crown Cola!

Sour Bird shakes his head as Nutty Bird keeps strumming.

Thirsty Nutty Bird downs a bottle of RC Cola.

Sour Bird: That Nutty Bird is always drinking Royal Crown Cola.

Nutty Bird: Oh, boy! Was that great! Talk about quick-fresh energy! Wow!

Sour Bird: Hey, Nutty Bird. Why do you always drink RC Cola?

Nutty Bird: I don't always drink RC Cola. Only when I'm thirsty. But you know what?

Sour Bird: What?

Nutty Bird: I'M THIRSTY!

Nutty Bird cracks open another bottle of RC Cola, laughing hysterically.

Rapture Nutty Bird rummages happily through a pile of Save-a-Seals.

Nutty Bird: Oh, these Save-a-Seals are great!

Sour Bird: The Nutty Bird there is excited because he gets a Save-a-Seal under the cap of each Royal Crown Cola, the quick-fresh energy drink.

Nutty Bird: Oh, rapture sublime!

Nutty Bird falls backwards into the heap of Save-a-Seals.

Sour Bird: Each Save-a-Seal is worth a penny. You save 'em up, and send 'em in for cash.

Nutty Bird: Look, I'm rich! RICH!

Sour Bird: How'd you get so many?

Nutty Bird holds up a bottle of RC Cola.

Nutty Bird: I drink a lot!


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