The street sign from the title.


Recolored street sign for the show's second season


Title card from 1992

Rua sesamo tita

The cast on the street


The street from the show's last season.

Rua Sesamo cast

Rua Sésamo is the Portuguese co-production of Sesame Street.

It initially aired for only a short period of time, from 1989 until 1994, however, re-runs and home media releases are popular to this day. It was broadcast by RTP.

Poupas was a full-body character who was nearly identical to Big Bird, except for his orange feathers, his blue and purple feathers on his tail and head and black-and-pink eyelids. Ferrão was a brown Grouch who lived in crates on Rua Sésamo. Tita was a female cat.

Tita also appeared on the US Sesame Street special Sesame Street Stays Up Late.





  • Alexandra Lencastre as Guiomar (season 1-3)
  • António Anjos as Sr. Almiro
  • Fernanda Montemor as Avó Chica
  • Fernando Gomes as Zé Maria
  • Lúcia Maria as Carolina (seasons 1-3)
  • Pedro Wilson as Gil (seasons 1-3)
  • Vítor Norte as André (seasons 1-3)
  • Ana Luís Martins as Carolina (season 4)
  • Rita Loureiro as Ana (season 4)
  • Ricardo Monteiro as António (season 4)


For the fourth and final season, a dubbing studio in a different location was used. The entire voice cast was replaced, with specific recasts noted when known.

English Character Name Portuguese Character Name Portuguese Voice Actor
Ernie Egas Rui de Sá
(seasons 1-3)
João Paulo Seara Cardoso (season 4)
Bert Becas Rui Paulo
Grover Gualter José Jorge Duarte
(seasons 1-3)
Jorge Paupério
(season 4)
Forgetful Jones João Esquecido José Jorge Duarte
(seasons 1-3)
Mário Moutinho
(season 4)
Kermit the Frog Cocas Adriano Luz
Cookie Monster Monstro das Bolachas Manuel Cavaco
Telly Monster Telmo
Count von Count Conde de Kontarr Fernando Gomes
Herry Monster Crespo
Gladys the Cow Vaca Glória Cláudia Cadima
Clementine Clementina Claudia Cadima
(seasons 1-3)
Zélia Santos
(season 4)
Guy Smiley Carlos Luz Carlos Cruz
(Portuguese TV host; character named after him)
Prairie Dawn Rosinha  ?
Oscar the Grouch Óscar  ?
Two-Headed Monster Monstro das Duas Cabeças José Pedro Gomes
and Miguel Guilherme
Polly Darton Isabel Ribas
Mona Monster Lisa Margarida Rosa Rodrigues

Additional Voices (seasons 1-3)

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