Rudd Weatherwax assists Lassie in tricks on The Jimmy Dean Show

Rudd Weatherwax was a Hollywood animal trainer best known for his long association with Lassie. After assisting the trainers of Asta (The Thin Man movies) and Daisy (the Blondie movies), Weatherwax found fame with a collie he'd acquired and trained named Pal, who was the original Lassie. Weatherwax continued to train subsequent Lassies (Pal's descendants) for film, television, and other media (even appearing on the 1940s Lassie radio show). Even animated productions (Lassie Rescue Rangers) credited Weatherwax for using the likeness of the dog he owned.

Weatherwax appeared with Lassie during the canine star's two appearances on The Jimmy Dean Show. During the first, Weatherwax has Lassie go through some tricks and acting bits while Jimmy Dean and Rowlf watch and comment.