PERFORMER Joachim Hall
DEBUT 1989

Rumpel joins Sesamstrasse in 1989.

Rumpel is the Grouch from Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street.


Rumpel is a green Grouch (originally "Griesgram" in German, lately "Grautsch") with big energetic eyes. He lives in a barrel with his pet caterpillar Gustav.


Rumpel hates rain when others love it, but he loves rain when others complain about it. He can be mischievous, but can't help but show his good heart from time to time.


Rumpel was added to Sesamstrasse in 1989 alongside Buh and Simson. The German grouch was to replace previously featured characters with more negative personalities such as Uli von B├Âdefeld and Oscar; quite a few critics weren't fond of the American Sesame Street set. German kids did not grow up in a suburb full of trash cans. After a few years of absence, the insert scenes of Oscar returned.


  • Rumpel started out with a dark green nose, which became a dark, rusty orange in later seasons.
  • Rumpel, along with other international Sesame Street characters, appeared on the cover of Sesame Street Magazine in October 2004.

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