Rumple 2.png
PERFORMER Gord Robertson
DEBUT 1984

Rumple Fraggle is a friend of Large Marvin who wears an aviator's hat and goggles.

He appears in four episodes of Fraggle Rock -- "Wembley and the Great Race", "The Grapes of Generosity", "Playing Till It Hurts", and "A Tune for Two".

In "Wembley and the Great Race", Rumple bets Boober Fraggle radishes on who they think will win the race. Whoever loses has to go out into the Gorg's garden. Rumple is unfortunate enough to lose, and gets thumped twice. He only wins when Boober rigs the bet out of sympathy so that if Wembley wins, Rumple wins, and if Gobo wins, Boober loses.

In "Playing Till it Hurts", he is the coach of the team that Gobo's rock hockey team is playing against, the Roustabouts.

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