Rumple Wrinkle Shrinkel Stretchelstiltzkin is an industrial film made by Jim Henson in 1965 for Pak-Nit fabric products. The short is a fairy tale that spoofs the "Rumpelstiltskin" story.

King Impossible the Third throws a damsel (played by Jerry Juhl) into a dungeon and orders her to spin straw into cotton fabric that won't shrink or stretch out of shape. When she cries for help, a small green creature appears and offers to help if she promises to marry him.

When the King returns in the morning, he tries on one of the garments and runs through the laundry, fully clothed. Pleased with the results, the King demands that they get married. The little green creature appears at that moment to protest, revealing himself as Rumple Wrinkle Shrinkel Stretchelstiltzkin. He prevents fabrics from shrinking and stretching. The girl chimes in to say that that means he's Pak-Nit RX, which makes him turn into a "handsome fellow" holding a sign that confirms what she believes about the product.

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