Russell Horton in Cat's Eye (1985)

Russell Horton (b. 1941) is a voice actor who played Mr. Maestro in the 1981 album Big Bird Discovers the Orchestra. He also doubled (uncredited) as all other male speaking/singing voices: Jean-Jacque Jean (french horn player), trumpeter Flip Flunkit, Stan (the Trombone Man), Booba (tuba player), violinist Victor Vivaldi, celloist Variety Vivaldi, and bassist Vernado Vivaldi.

Horton is best known as the voice for the Trix Rabbit in the cereal commercials. He worked frequently on radio, including the old-time radio revival series The CBS Radio Mystery Theater (including Alexander the Great in a five part series), playing the droid 2-1B in the NPR Star Wars radio dramatizations, the NPR miniseries Canticle for Liebowitz, and assorted one-shot dramas. He has narrated assorted audiobooks, was heard on Mr. Men children's records and supplied character voices for Tom Chapin albums. Other voice credits include Dad on the animated series Kenny the Shark, and multiple roles in the video games Red Dead Revolver (with the voices of Emilio Delgado and Tyler Bunch) and Red Dead Redemption.

On-camera, Horton had a bit part in Annie Hall, with slightly larger roles in Starting Over, Cat's Eye, and Bright Lights, Big City. In television, he guest starred on episodes of The Twilight Zone, Law & Order, 3-2-1 Contact, and Miami Vice.

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