Ryan Dillon and Elmo season 45
2013 Easter Egg Roll Elmo Rosita

One of Dillon's first public appearances as Elmo at the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll. (video)


Dillon performing Elmo with the PS22 Chorus in May 2013.


Ryan Dillon (b. May 25, 1988) began puppeteering for Sesame Street in 2005, at the age of 17. He became the performer of Elmo in 2013.

As a young puppeteer, Dillon came to the attention of the Sesame producers when he went to an audition as a high school student. He took time off from school during his senior year to participate in the shooting for Season 37.

Muppet/Henson credits

Non-Muppet Credits

  • Ohio State Lottery: Reindeer in holiday lottery commercial
  • Ask Sylvia (Nickelodeon webseries): Sylvia
Stage credits
  • O'Neill Puppetry Conference 2007
    • Crossing Boundaries: Cradle To The Grave (Ronald Binion production): Various table-top characters
    • Take The A Train (Ryan Dillon Production) Estelle, built puppets and directed short piece
    • Raggedy Ann (Alissa Hunnicutt production) table top assistance

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