In 2017, Korean pop boy band SHINee's tour promoting their album "Five" was accompanied by a collection of Sesame Street merchandise produced in Japan by FuRyu/Chara Hiroba and S.M. Life Design Company.

Each member of the pop group was assigned a Sesame character -- Onew (Lee Jinki) as Elmo, Key (Kim Kibum) as Bert, Minho (Choi Minho) as Cookie Monster, Taemin (Lee Taemin) as Oscar the Grouch, and Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun) as Big Bird.

The merchandise, sold in arcade machines and at the concert venues, included plush toys, sweatshirts, keychains, coin purses and phone cases.

Plush toys

The plush toys were sold in 15cm and 32cm sizes.


Coin purses


Phone cases