Written by P.J. Shaw
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 2006
Publisher Dalmatian Press
ISBN 140372346X

S is for School! is a 2006 Sesame Street storybook telling the story of Elmo's first day of school. The student body at Elmo's school is very diverse, including people of Green, Fat Blue and Large Lavender Live Hand descent, as well as monsters, birds, bears and superheros. There are also at least three students in wheelchairs, although the school doesn't seem to have a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Activities at the school include painting, napping, eating lunch, playing leapfrog and asking where the bathroom is.

On Elmo's first day, a monster named Lola, who has just moved to the neighborhood, is looking lost and lonely. Elmo befriends her by offering her half of a cookie.

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