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Episode 0001

Episode 0008

Episode 0017

A photo of Sally during a song montage in Episode 0028

Episode 0029

Episode 0106

Sally in a 1970 promotional photo with the main cast.

β€œSally, you've never seen a street like Sesame Street.
Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!”

The opening lines of dialogue on Sesame Street in Episode 0001 are spoken to Sally as Gordon introduces her to the neighborhood. Sally is the first of The Kids to appear in a long line of children who would become a permanent fixture on the series for its entire run.

After she meets Bob, Mr. Hooper, and Susan during the first minutes of the premiere episode, Gordon introduces her to Ariana and Ronald, two other kids who are already playing on the street. Their meeting is immediately interrupted by the raucous entrance of Big Bird, who towers over Gordon and can't see Sally until she's raised to his level. After he admits that he almost laid an egg from the shock of her height, Sally comments, "If he did lay a egg, it would've been very large."

After Sally giggles over hearing Ernie singing while taking a bath β€” and briefly demonstrating hygiene during "Everybody Wash" β€” she and Gordon join Susan in their apartment for the milk and cookies she was promised earlier. She says that she loves milk, but that when she was a little girl, her preferred beverage was coffee. Gordon nervously laughs the comment off as "one short experience" as Sally drinks her milk as an introduction to the "Hey Cow" film.

Sally is also present for the introduction of Oscar the Grouch who, she's stunned to hear, lives in a trash can. Oscar likes her, he says, because "in the thirty seconds or so that I've known you, you've never banged on the lid of my trash can, you've never asked me to come out and meet anybody, or even told anybody where I live, or bugged me in general." Oscar then retreats into his can after a suggestive glare at Gordon.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Sally learns the "Sesame Street Theme," picks up knitting from Jennie, and participates in some magic tricks with Bob and Kermit the Frog. At the end of the day, she, Gordon, and Susan are joined by Ernie and Bert to review the events of her first experiences on Sesame Street. Gordon bids the viewer goodbye, promising that everyone β€” including Sally β€” will be here next time. Sally would continue to be seen in various subsequent episodes through Season 2.