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Mommy Snuffle 2099.jpg
DEBUT 1973

Sally Snuffleupagus, often referred to as just Mommy Snuffleupagus, is a loving Snuffleupagus matriarch on Sesame Street. She is given her name in Episode 1821.

She lives at 456 Snuffle Circle, with her husband and her two children, Aloysius and Alice. In the 1990 book See You Later, Mashed Potater!, she is referred to as "Mommy Snuffle."

She makes her profession as a banker, working for the Snuffleupagus Bank & Trust. In Episode 2099, she has to travel to Carlsbad (famous for its caverns), so she recruits Gordon to babysit for Snuffy.

Mommy Snuffle plays a role similar to that of Big Bird's Granny Bird. She appears only on a sporadic basis and exists primarily in books or as a kindly off-screen presence, mentioned but not seen very often.

In the unaired divorce episode, Noel MacNeal remained the puppeteer, but Lynn Hippen was hired as the voice because the producers felt they needed a female voice for the character.[1]

Casting history

Jerry Nelson β€’ (1970s)
Michael Earl β€’ (1980s)
Martin P. Robinson β€’ (1980s)
David Rudman β€’ (1980s-1990s)
Noel MacNeal β€’ (1990s-2000s)
Jennifer Barnhart β€’ (2000s)[1]


Book appearances