Salvador Sánchez (b. 1943) is a Mexican actor who was a cast member on Plaza Sésamo‎ in the 1980s as Pepe the mechanic.

Sánchez has been a busy actor in Mexican film and television since the seventies, playing Porfirio Diaz in a few episodes of the historical drama El carruaje (1972) and parts in the movies Cayó de la gloria el diablo (with Evita Muñoz) and Aquellos años. He moved up to co-starring or leading parts in Canoa and Motel. By the eighties, he appeared sporadically in English-language projects shot in Mexico, including John Huston's Under the Volcano, Angel River (in the male lead as a bandido), Old Gringo (with Jane Fonda), The Mexican (with James Gandolfini), Collateral Damage (with Arnold Schwarzenegger), and Jack's Law (with Danny Trejo). He appeared in two episodes of Crime Story and the TV movie One Man's War.

Mexican TV credits include an assortment of telenovelas, several times as villains, as well as fathers and priests. He has worked on several series as dialogue director or directing certain scenes.

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