DEBUT 1954

Sam lip synching to "Old Black Magic."

Sam is the title character of Sam and Friends, the only non-abstract human character on the show. He never spoke, but would lip-sync to popular music and comedy records of the time. He was built in October 1954[1] using papier-mâché materials.

The only surviving Sam and Friends episode in which he appears, involves a routine in which he lip-syncs to "Old Black Magic" with an early Kermit. According to that skit, Sam's wardrobe is courtesy of Hialeah Racetrack.

Sam was one of the few characters with a rigid face. Most of the other characters had flexible features that were more conducive to the close-up medium of television.

In addition to Sam and Friends, Sam has made appearances on Mac McGarry's In Our Town,[1] Footlight Theatre,[2] and Today. Sam made a comeback appearance, along with Yorick and Harry the Hipster, in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years.

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