Released December 8-11, 1996
Duration 172 minutes (two parts)
Director Nicolas Roeg
Written by Allan Scott
Massimo De Rita, Simone De Rita (treatment)
Music Marco Frisina
Ennio Morricone (end title music)
Studio Turner Pictures

Samson fights a Creature Shop lion

Samson and Delilah is a 1996 TV movie, one of a series of Italian/US co-productions based on The Biblical stories, broadcast on TNT in two parts. For the sequence in which Samson fights a lion, Jim Henson's Creature Shop supplied a lion for certain stunt scenes (intercut with an actual lion named Sudan).


  • Eric Thal as Samson
  • Elizabeth Hurley as Delilah
  • Dennis Hopper as General Tariq
  • Diana Rigg as Mara
  • Michael Gambon as King Hanum
  • Daniel Massey as Ira
  • Paul Freeman as Manoah
  • Ben Becker as Prince Sidqa
  • Jale Arikan as Naomi

Creature Shop credits