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PERFORMER Spencer Lott
DEBUT 2018
DESIGN Louis Henry Mitchell designer
  Rollie Krewson 3D designer

Samuel, or Sam, is Julia's older brother and the son of Daniel and Elena, who appears in videos and storybooks for Sesame Street’s autism initiative, See Amazing in All Children. He first appeared on the show proper in Episode 5122.

Sam is seven years old, and his hobbies include playing soccer and the clarinet. He also loves to pretend he's "Superhero Samuel." In the story Circle of Friends, Sam and Julia attend the same camp, where they befriend Randy, a boy who has autism like Julia. He is patient towards Julia and knows how to calm her down when she's not in a good mood. In Family Forever: A Julia Storybook, he sang to her when Fluffster went missing. According to that same story, both siblings make each other laugh so much that their parents call them "giggle monsters."


Book appearances[]