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PERFORMER Sam the Eagle character
  Frank Oz puppeteer/voice
  Kevin Clash puppeteer
DEBUT 1996

Samuel Arrow is the first mate to Captain Abraham Smollett in Muppet Treasure Island. In contrast to the character as portrayed in the original Treasure Island, where the first mate is a drunken lout, Mr. Arrow is pompous, efficient, and highly safety-oriented. Though he shares the captain's distrust of (and disgust with) the Crew of the Hispaniola, Mr. Arrow performs his duties well. His efficiency nearly becomes his downfall, when Long John Silver lures him into a lifeboat, on the pretense of a safety check, during a foggy night and then sets him adrift. Long John tricks Captain Smollett into thinking he fell overboard. Arrow's unexpected return helps turn the tide in the battle against the pirates.

The character was later adapted as an action figure, the first of several Muppet Treasure Island figures released by Palisades Toys, and a Vinylmation figure sold at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and The Disney Store.