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Welcome Bear arrives at the log cabin where Kayla lives. Kayla greets Bear with a big hug when Bear notices something different about her... she has a new smile! Kayla explains that she lost her two front teeth. Bear asks Kayla if she has trouble getting up in the morning, to which she replies yes, "...especially when you have school, plus you take care of the kids, plus you do dance, plus you do softball, plus... you have a big bear come into your house."

After a quick guessing game about which part of the morning Kayla thinks is the most fun (Bear visiting, of course!), the two dance the Morning Mambo and go downstairs for breakfast...

Breakfast Bear sings the Breakfast Song as he joins Kayla and her mom in the kitchen. Together, the three of them make a special breakfast called "egg in a nest" and sit outside on Kayla's porch to eat. Bear and Kayla talk about how breakfast gives you energy in the morning and later get the idea to go bouncing on Kayla's trampoline. But before they can do that, it's time to get ready...
Get Ready Bear sings Get Ready as Kayla goes about her morning routine. Kayla exclaims "Ewww!" when Bear sings not to "pick your nose."

Afterwards, Kayla tells Bear about her favorite subject in school--gym--and some of the stretching exercises she does in class. It's almost time for Kayla to go to school, but there's still some time left over. Just enough time to go jumping on the trampoline!

Fun Kayla shows Bear how to jump and down on her large outdoor trampoline. There are all different kinds of jumps you can do, but Bear says he'll just try a simple "up and down" jump. Bear isn't so sure he can do it... he's been in a Big Blue House, but not a big trampoline. Nevertheless, Bear manages to do a few jumps before he falls over. Bear and Kayla agree that he needs more practice.

Kayla's mom comes out and tells her it's time to go to school. Thanks for having breakfast with Bear!

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