Per Thread:272480, this is for mainly the benefit of Andrew to list one-shot guests on Sesame Street from the script sources, eventually to build pages around them.

ID'd in scripts

roles: Shaun Brown (orderly), Elliot Sash (policeman), E.P. Knight (nurse), Florence Kastriner (nurse), Earleen Cooper (nurse/clerk), Alice Liu (Maria's nurse), Guissepe D'Aponte (EMS), Ismail Bashey (orderly)
background extras: Frank Casado (Desiree Casado's dad?), Carlos Dorta, Heather Dick (CTW staffer), Gabrielle Howard, Carol Mayes, Cassie and Lynn Pantuso (Mike Pantuso relations?), Lekesha Dunlop, Laura Bartlett (Alison Bartlett relation?), Brian O'Reilly, Joe Morganelli, Gloria Kahn, Kalombo Tshimanga, Rachel Perroli, David Walters, Ruth Luwisch, Wai Ching Ho, Ben Wang, Louis Deluca

Visual, no names

IDs but need pages or episode notes


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