Per Thread:272480, this is for mainly the benefit of Andrew to list one-shot guests on Sesame Street from the script sources, eventually to build pages around them.

ID'd in scripts

  • Episode 0264 - Susan Watson (Laura)
  • Episode 0637 - Don Moore (delivery man); possibly same as New York actor Donald C. Moore
  • Episode 2165 - Nora Brady (teen girl)
  • Episode 2265 - Naseer El-Kadi and Judy Milstein (firepersons)
  • Episode 2296 - Peter Smith (Joey)
  • Episode 2381 - Michael French (bus driver)
  • Episode 2582 - Blue Bird extras: Gary Moriawaki (real parent of a Kid), Jeff Blumenkrantz, Peter Michaud, Yancy Arias, Noel Twitchell, Paul Ravicr, Michelle Speer (real parent of a Kid), Lauren Tom, Carmen Bonafont, Antoinette Greene, Faye Greenbaum
  • Episode 2691 - Extras: Patricia Rodriguez, Lisa De Salvo (real parent of a Kid in the scene)
  • Episode 3427 - John W. Griffin (Fireman), Maria Nevda (Food Vendor)
  • Episode 3447 - fantasy customers: Kalombo Tshimanga (production accountant), John Kongolo, Pam Liu (crew member, later post-traffic coordinator), Miryam Alban (mother of Carlo Alban), Teresa Morales-Kelsohn, Evelyne Aronin
  • Episode 3450 - Minoko Suzuki (pianist)
  • Episode 3583 - Phyllis Stickney (Barbara), Frank Guy (Jack)
  • Episode 3634 - Irene Simon (old woman)
  • Episode 3658 - Anna Tula Ramirez (Maria's mother), Manuel Santiago (grandfather)
  • Episode 3688 - Handford Five: Frederick Owens, Jamie Owens, Raheem Perry, Sean Melvin, James Wooten

Visual, no names

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