The evolution of Gladys the Cow.

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Sesame Street
Season 5
The first Gladys the Cow puppet had a much smaller mouth, floppy ears, and barely visible spots, and also, despite Richard Hunt starting to perform the character, Gladys was unnamed at the time.
Sesame Street
Promotional Picture
By Season 9, Gladys was given her name, and she was rebuilt, complete with more visible spots on her back, as well as a bigger mouth, a full head of hair, and good eye-focus. Her look would remain like this throughout the next ten years.
Sesame Street
Season 21
Although the puppet remained the same, Gladys' eye-focus was a bit off, making her eyelids barely noticeable and her mouth was more misshapen than the previous puppets. Her tongue was also more visible in her mouth, and she had more curvy ears. This variant was used in Library, Episode 2754, and Sing Yourself Silly!
Sing, Hoot & Howl with the Sesame Street Animals
During Richard Hunt's last years as Gladys, the puppet was modified to look more like the 1977-1989 puppet, with better eye focus, modified ears, as well as a haircut. Even after Hunt's death in 1992, the puppet remained this way for the next few decades.
Sesame Street
Season 49
Gladys was given a full rebuild, recoloring her skin from tan to white, as well as getting more brown spots, her hair also got shorter, her ears are much more smaller, she gains shorter horns.
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