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Episodes sourced somewhere, but there are no known images out there, in addition to the episode numbers being currently unknown.

  • Caroll Spinney's oft-repeated anecdote of an episode where Big Bird wants to go to day care with the kids, but is dejected when he can't go. Spinney says that this led to the decision of portraying Big Bird as a child. In his book The Wisdom of Big Bird (pages 35-36), Spinney cites it as having been in the show's first year, but also says the script was by Jeff Moss, whom he cited as the head writer at the time. The latter claim is incorrect, as Moss would not become head writer until season 2 (Jon Stone was head writer in season 1). There are no matches for said scene in our now complete episode guides for the first three seasons (the last two of which meet the criteria for Spinney's claim regarding Moss). However, there is an episode from season 1 where Big Bird dreams of being able to attend kindergarten someday, indicating that Big Bird was already designated as a child-like character from the beginning. Spinney's recollection could very well be a result of bad memory.
    • Spinney also mentions another early Big Bird show in a 1973 Chicago Tribune piece, where Big Bird is in Gordon's kitchen, hears a sound, and builds up of a fear of monsters in the hallway. (Episode 0118)
      “Big Bird was very incidental to Sesame Street for the first 100 shows, just adding a little fantasy to the realistic street scene. One day I did a solo thing where I went into Gordon’s kitchen, heard a sound, and built up this fear about monsters in the hallway. It worked, and the writers began creating bits for me.”
      He similarly describes this scene "about the hobgoblins in your imagination" in May 12, 2001 during his interview with The Archive of American Television (01:36:25)
  • An episode written by Annie Evans featuring Snuffy, Telly, and Slimey together in the same scenes -- a 2012 Sesame Family Robinson blog post by Marty Robinson, noting the episode as occurring "several years back". [2]
  • Gordon paints a picture of the street and asks Big Bird to guard the painting while it dries. Big Bird becomes so concerned about protecting it that he puts a "wet paint" sign right on the painting, ruining it beyond repair. [1]

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