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The Muppet Show guest star
episode 114

Sandy Duncan sings "Try to Remember" with a chorus of Muppets.

Sandra Kay "Sandy" Duncan (b. 1946) is an entertainer who has been working in show business since the 1950s.

In 1976, she was the guest star on episode 114 of The Muppet Show. She had previously appeared on a discussion panel with Jim Henson in a 1973 episode of The Julie Andrews Hour.

Her credits include the television series The Hogan Family (featuring Jason Bateman), an Emmy-nominated role in the miniseries Roots, and the title role in the 1979 Broadway revival of Peter Pan, for which she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical.


  • In Episode 2188 of Sesame Street, Big Bird compiles a long list of wishes that he wants to make on a star at night. One of the wishes is to "become a close, personal friend of Sandy Duncan."

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