Sandy Gore (b. 1950) is an Australian character actress who has played multiple characters on Farscape, notably the bitter nurse Vreena in "Prayer" and "Fetal Attraction."

A veteran of the Sydney Theater Company, Gore has been active in Australian television, notably as Kay White in the "women behind bars" series Prisoner and Mother Ambrose in the mini-series Brides of Christ (with Melissa Jaffer) and guest starred on Matlock Police and A Country Practice. On film, she served as a dialogue coach on Mad Max 2 (with Mel Gibson and Virginia Hey) and appeared in Norman Loves Rose (with Carol Kane). Minnamurra, Lorenzo's Oil (with Susan Sarandon and Peter Ustinov), Evil Angels (with Sam Neill and Meryl Streep), and Australia (with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman).

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