Saoirse Ronan (b. 1994) is an Irish-American actress known for films including The Lovely Bones, Brooklyn and Lady Bird.

Ronan makes a cameo appearance during Muppets Most Wanted as the special guest for their Irish live show. She is seen dancing to The Nutcracker with the Mutations.

Ronan spoke about filming her cameo with Crave Online:

I was asked to do it, and again it was one of those things where I was like, “What? That’s ridiculous. The Muppets don’t want me to be in thsir film!” But they did, and it was amazing. I turned up, they shot it in London, I think they were shooting everything Shepperton, or Pinewood I think, and I just went in the day before and tried on some tutus and met with the choreographer and we went through some very basic, very dramatic ballet moves. I improvised, you know what I mean? I just went with it, let the move take over. But no, I’m not a ballet dancer. But it was all so quick. I just went in for half a day and then I was just kicked out, it was Ricky Gervais or whoever was working that day.[1]


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