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PERFORMER Jennifer Connelly
DEBUT 1986

Sarah Williams is the 15-year-old heroine of the movie Labyrinth.

Sarah lives with her father, her step-mother, and her brother Toby (who may be her half-brother). Her last name is never mentioned in the film, but a scrapbook of newspaper clippings featuring a stage actress named Linda Williams is marked in handwriting as "mom" drawn with hearts. Sarah seems to aspire to be an actress like her mother, as the film opens with her reciting lines from a book called The Labyrinth and wearing a period costume.


When Sarah, in a fit of frustration, wishes her baby brother Toby away to the goblins, she must undertake a fantastical journey through the domain of Jareth, the sinister Goblin King, and also through her own mind as she discovers what it really means to be courageous, determined, and responsible for one's own actions.

At the beginning of the movie, Sarah is very childish and selfish. Lost in her world of daydreams, fantasies, and heaps of self-pity, she pictures herself as an undeservingly unfortunate girl forced by her wicked stepmother to take care of a horrible little step-brother, but in fact she is a very spoiled young lady who is used to always getting her own way and often refuses to accept reality. By the end of the movie, Sarah has lost her spoiled attitude, gained new love and appreciation for Toby, and realized that everyone has to grow up... but that doesn't have to mean losing your inner child.

Sarah is a devotee of fantasy literature, and she enjoys acting out scenes from her favorite stories (including a book with the same title as the movie).

It is also worth noting that several of her toys and belongings resemble characters and objects from the labyrinth.

In Other Media

Sarah also appears in the manga Return to Labyrinth.

Behind the Scenes

Many actresses auditioned for the role of Sarah, including: Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Krakowski, Yasmine Bleeth, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Stuart Masterson, Laura Dern, Maddie Corman, Kerri Green, Lili Taylor, Laura San Giacomo, Ally Sheedy, Mia Sara, and Marisa Tomei.[1]


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