Sarha and kermit

Silverman and Kermit.


Sliverman in The Muppets

Sarah Silverman (b. 1970) is an actress and often times controversial comedian. She appeared on both The Late Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live with Kermit the Frog.

Silverman had a brief stint as a writer and featured member on Saturday Night Live. Lasting only a year, Silverman went on to do guest appearances on Seinfeld, Star Trek:Voyager, Crank Yankers and Bored to Death. She often appears on ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was a regular on Greg the Bunny. Her other roles include Vanellope Von Schweetz in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph and as herself in Jesus Is Magic.

Silverman appears in The Muppets as a restaurant greeter. She also appears in the film's credits singing "Mah Na Mah Na" and can be seen in the Never-Ending Mahna Mahna Phenomahna.

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