Written by Heather Hendershot
Published 1999
Publisher Duke University Press
ISBN 0822322404

Saturday Morning Censors is a study of children's media in the United States of America and looks at issues of censorship, marketing, regulation, and debates on "good" children's television. Sesame Street figures prominently, both as the cover image, and in two chapters.

"Turned-on Toddlers and Space Age TV: Debating Sesame Street" is a critique and overview of the goals and model of Sesame Street in the 1960s and 70s, its attempts to appeal to adults with guests like Pete Seeger and Pat Paulsen, the issues of integration, and whether the series has adverse affects on "child viewers' conceptions of reality."

"Sesame Street Technologies: The Quest for Cultural and Scientific Neutrality" analyzes the international versions of Sesame Street. Hendershot presents concerns over "communications imperialism," and expresses her belief that "Sesame Street and the CTW should not be off-limits to critical investigation."

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