Save Our Street is a Sesame Street Live show first produced by VEE Corporation in 1985-1986, and repeated for a 1986-1987 tour.


Mr. Meanie wants to turn the most famous street in the world into a parking lot. While the gang is having fun at the fair, Mr. Meanie puts his plans into action to tear down Sesame Street. Will the gang be successful in saving their street?


Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Cookie Monster, Guy Smiley, Count von Count, Snuffleupagus, Prairie Dawn, a Honker, Mr. Meanie, The Meanie Birds, Granny, Teenager and Pinkie Monster.


Jim Henson as Ernie and Guy Smiley
Frank Oz as Grover, Bert and Cookie Monster
Jerry Nelson as the Count
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Martin P. Robinson as Snuffy
Caroll Spinney as Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird
Christopher Caldwell as Mr. Meanie


Production Credits

  • Music Director: Paul Walberg
  • Dialog Editing, Music Recording & Mixing by Allen Kaufman

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