Written by Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith
Date 1972
Source School's Out (album)

"School's Out" is the hit title track on Alice Cooper's fifth album and is arguably the musician's most famous song.

Alice Cooper performed the song as the closing number in episode 307 of The Muppet Show, backed by the Vile Bunch (Chopped Liver, Silver Beak, Flower-Eating Monster, a drummer, and a guitarist). Cooper, who was dressed in a graduation cap and gown, was also surrounded by a group of full-bodied Muppet monsters, including a Mutation, Timmy, Mean Mama, Doglion, and Sweetums, who were all dressed variously to appear like students. For example, Mean Mana worse a varsity letter on her chest and carried pom-poms; and the Mutation wore his hair in a ponytail.

When Cooper sings "school's been blown to pieces" the first time, Thog appears and sets off an explosion with a firecracker. Afterwards, Alice removes his cap and gown to reveal himself wearing a torn red bodysuit replete with devil's tail.

Once the school finally explodes at the end of the number, scattering paper and plaster all over the stage, Alice finishes the song by trying to nosh on a giant bone.


  • Although Thog frequently appeared with other Muppet monsters, his participation in destroying the school in this number was uncharacteristic for the otherwise sweet and gentle monster.


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