"School in the Afternoon" is a sketch from Sesame Street, spoofing the then-current ABC lineup of soap operas, based on the well-known "Love in the Afternoon" ad campaign. (First: Episode 2223) Their parodies include:

  • "The Edge of School," (The Edge of Night) in which Katie asks Phil why there are so many other kids with them in the class. Phil answers, with a rather uncertain tone in his voice, that he believes meeting new people is part of school. Katie appears rather surprised, and dramatically poses for the camera.
  • "Another School," (Another World) where Bruno asks Felicity about the grown-up in front of the classroom (who points at the blackboard and says "one plus one equals two!" with flourish). She informs him that it's the teacher. Bruno responds "oh!"
  • "All My Schoolchildren," (All My Children) where Dick addresses Vanessa who is jumping up and down, trying to tell the teacher that she knows the answer. Dick reminds her that she is supposed to raise her hand at times like these. When Vanessa expresses fond appreciation to him for pointing this out for her, Dick looks awestruck towards the camera.
  • "Love of School," (Love of Life) starring Dwayne and Martha, who both tell each other their love for school.



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