A list of scientists and articles related to science.


Fictional Scientists



  • Alan Alda, host of several science and nature documentaries, Communicating Science workshops, participant in the World Science Festival
  • Douglas Adams, science fiction writer and science lecturer
  • Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer and biochemistry professor
  • Roger Ebert, movie reviewer and blogger whose posts often include scientific content
  • Bill Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy
  •, science documentary producer


Locations and Events


Sesame Street
  • Slimey to the Moon - a season-long arc
  • Several seasons include science in their curriculum, with seasons 1, 9 and 20 mentioning it specifically.
  • Season 41 (2010) - The season continues the show's two-year initiative “My World is Green & Growing,” an initiative embracing a robust science and mathematics curriculum. The season addressed the processes of scientific investigation, with 13 shows focused on this topic. One of the main curricular goals is to encourage children to think scientifically and to model the scientific process.[1]
  • Episode 3169 - Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, and Gabi play scientist
  • Episode 2607 - Ruby conducts a science experiment
  • Episode 4099 - Elmo and Zoe practice science

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  1. Sesame Workshop and The PNC Foundation Join White House Effort on STEM Education