PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 2003
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Scotty McKilt is a bagpipe player seen in episode 4052 of Sesame Street.

He visits his friend Bob and plays his instrument for Zoe, who makes up a new dance for it. While he and Bob grab a sandwich from Hooper's Store, Zoe is entrusted to watch his bagpipes, though she's too distracted by her dance to notice. Telly and Baby Bear find the instrument, unaware of its purpose and come up with ways it can be used, such as a Honker Caller or a Porridge Cooler. They finally use it as a Superhero Flying Machine, running all over the street with it while Zoe frantically searches for the missing bagpipes.

Scotty finishes his sandwich just in time for the two other parties to run into each other and clears up Telly and Baby Bear's confusion by showing them how his instrument works. He claims he uses it sometimes to call Honkers and cool his porridge as well.

He appears later at the end of the show, using his bagpipes to help Big Bird announce the sponsors (which were lodged inside).