What do you feed 12 hungry Cub Scouts?


Fozzie remembers his Cub Scouting days.

Birds of a feather club

The Birds-of-a-Feather club earning their "Know-Your-Colors" badges.


Members of the Bear Scouts.


Walter and Gary's Troop 274 photo.


Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster, Sweetie Scouts


Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Scouting is a worldwide youth movement of multiple organizations for both boys and girls whose aims are to develop young people physically, spiritually and mentally so that they may take a constructive place in society. This is achieved by emphasizing outdoor activities and youth leadership. Scouting started in England in 1907; today Scouting has more than 28 million members and exists in more than 216 countries and territories (all but six countries worldwide are involved in the Scouting movement).[1] The American versions of the program are The Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts USA.

Jim Henson was a Cub Scout. As a child, the den meetings were held at his house, with his parents serving as Den leaders.

[The den] got together at Jimmy's house where Betty Henson served them pecan pie and milk and told them about the moral obligations of the Cub Scouts. She taught them about the value of physical activities and fair play. The boys liked to meet at Jimmy's house for their den meetings because the Hensons were so friendly.[2]

Chapter four of the book Jim Henson: Young Puppeteer, entitled "Cub Scout Projects with Puppets", describes Henson's time as a Cub Scout in some detail. The book shares an extended story from Henson’s Scouting experience in which each of the Scouts in Henson's den was challenged to come up with, and carry out, a major project of his own invention. Henson, with the help of fellow Scout Gordon Jones, developed a distinctive comedy act. Jones told stories with his hands behind his back, while Henson, crouching behind Jones, supplied the latter's arm gestures by extending his own arms through his fellow Scout's armpits. The act was an instant success and showed Henson's early creative thinking, along with his tendencies to explore the boundaries of creative performing and puppetry techniques. Due to the response to Henson's hand act, the following year Henson was asked by the new Den leaders to help organize and lead the entire den in putting on a puppet show. Henson got the entire den involved in putting on the show, and many of his fellow Scouts say Henson "got his start working with puppets in Leland’s Cub Scouts". Although nobody recalls what the shows, which featured homemade puppets, were about, everyone remembers the games that Jim and the Scouts played when they had free time.[3]

Richard Hunt was also involved in the Scouting movement; he was a Boy Scout while growing up in Closter, New Jersey. According to Jane Hunt, Richard would bring some of his puppets (which he'd bought with money earned through his after-school paper route) to Scout meetings and put on shows for the troop.[4]

Several Muppet characters belong to fictional Scouting groups - including the Frog Scouts, Worm Scouts and Bear Scouts.


  • A boy (played by Patrick Ostonic) dressed in full Cub Scout attire was featured with his mother in a La Choy commercial. The mother is pondering what to feed twelve hungry Cub Scouts.
  • The Muppet Show introduced the Frog Scouts, an amphibian parody of the Boy Scouts.
  • On October 5, 2006, Kermit the Frog appeared as a guest on Martha (along with a group of Brownie Girl Scouts) to promote environmentally friendly actions. Kermit jested to Martha Stewart that when she told him she was going to have "brownies" on the show, he thought she meant something else.
  • In a sketch where Matt Lauer interviews Cookie Monster about his "new healthy diet", a person in the background is seen holding a sign: "Girl Scouts Support Cookie Monster", referencing Girl Scout Cookies.
  • In the book The Colors of Spring, the Birds-of-a-Feather Club are trying to earn their Know-Your-Colors badges.
  • Gary and Walter were members of the Junior Pioneers of America (JPA) Troop 274 in Smalltown, USA. The opening montage of The Muppets shows Gary showing his knot-tying skils and badge while Walter showcases his yoga skills and badge.
  • A Sesame Street season 45 sketch portrays Prairie Dawn as a Sweetie Scout, participating in the annual cookie sale. Cookie Monster poses as a scout himself to help her make her uneven display equal. The sketch references two brands of Girl Scout Cookies, "Thick Mints" (Thin Mints) and "Diddle-E-Doos" (Do-Si-Dos).

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Bucks County Patch



The following individuals, in addition to their work with the Muppets/Henson, served as scouts.

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