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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1975
DESIGN Michael K. Frith designer
  Caroly Wilcox builder

Scred with his performer Jerry Nelson.

Scred was the put-upon servant and sidekick to King Ploobis in "The Land of Gorch" segments from Saturday Night Live.

Scred begins as a groveling lackey, accompanying Ploobis to see The Mighty Favog. As the sketches continued, Scred developed more of a personality, flirting outrageously with Queen Peuta and eventually having an affair with her parallel to that between Ploobis and Vazh. In one of his best known moments, and one of the few "Gorch" sketches still widely seen in syndication, Scred declares his affection for guest host Lily Tomlin.

Scred (alongside King Ploobis, Queen Peuta, Vazh, and Wisss) can also be spotted in The Muppet Movie during the "Rainbow Connection" finale.


Scred has occasionally done impersonations of Saturday Night Live characters. In one show, he dressed up as a bee and wondered why the Muppets couldn't be in more skits, and tried to show that he could be the "Weekend Update" anchor, saying "I'm Scred, and you're not", spoofing Chevy Chase's catch phrase from "Weekend Update".

In another sketch, he did an impression of Emily Litella, complaining about people eating Muppets before realizing that they were really eating muffins (a similar gag was done when Gilda Radner, who played Emily Litella on the show, guest starred on The Muppet Show).


In 1978, development workshops, as puppet construction was beginning for The Dark Crystal and the creation of the film's new creatures was still moving from page to puppet, Jim Henson used the Scred puppet for demonstration purposes, remarking that he's the closest they have to the Skeksis in design.[1] (YouTube)


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