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PERFORMER James Rankin
DEBUT 1992

Screwie Louie appeared in the animated portions of the Dog City episode "Taming of the Screw." Once a mild mannered dog, whose real name is Philip Robertson, Louie was driven insane by the way screws would continually fall out of appliances, vehicles, and anything he touched. Louie, much to the dismay of his hysterical wife, began a campaign to remove every screw in Dog City. The fact that many of these screws happened to be attached to banks or safe doors attracted the interest of Bugsy Vile.

Ace Hart finally gets through to Louie, who is taken to a place with "soft walls and new screws" to recover.

Louie returned, along with Puppy-Face Felson and Meat the Butcher, for a cameo in the second season episode "Out of the Mouths of Pups."