Written by Paul Williams
Date 1992
Publisher Fuzzy Muppet Songs

"Scrooge" is performed by the cast of The Muppet Christmas Carol at the film's opening, describing the story's central character, Ebenezer Scrooge.


George the Janitor, Female Whatnot, Male pig, Blue Frackle, Aretha, Inkspot, Porcupine, Pink Female Whatnot, Male Pig, Male Rabbit, J. P. Grosse, Green Whatnot, Sheep, Cows, Vegetables, One-Eyed Jack, Pigeons, Cats, Murray the Minstrel, Begoony, Mudwell the Mudbunny, Beggar, Mr. Curly Twirly, Mouse Family, Female Whatnots, Mrs. Appleby, Female Rat, Female Rabbit, Female Pig, Frogs, Dogs, Link Hogthrob, Punch and Judy puppets, Horses, Mr. Bitte, Light Purple Frackle, Pops

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