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DEBUT 1967

Scudge is one of the monsters who tries to steal Christmas in a sketch with Arthur Godfrey on The Ed Sullivan Show. He is a green monster, with a long red nose and bright green eyes.

This puppet later appeared in monster skits in Sesame Street's first season, with large pink eyelids added and his arms removed. He appears as a female character in two early game show sketches: as the mother of Billy Monster in "Can You Guess" and as Mrs. Trudy Monster in "The Mr. and Mrs. Game," in both cases wearing a wig and, in the latter case, a necklace.

He also appeared in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence in his Sesame Street get-up as part of the audience in the wrestling match.

Scudge has also had various performers in his appearances, including Jerry Juhl in the Christmas sketch, Jim Henson in the sketch where monsters look at "C," Frank Oz in "The Mr. and Mrs. Game" and the sketch where monsters look at "A," and Caroll Spinney in the "First and Last" sketch, among others.

Sesame Street sketches

Picture Theme / First Appearance Description
Can You Guess 02.jpg
"Can You Guess?"
Episode 0026
Scudge appears at the end of Sesame Street's very first game show segment as contestant Billy Monster's mother.
"Some" and "All"
Episode 0061
A group of Muppets, including Scudge, demonstrate "none," "some" and "all".
"Seven Days" song
Episode 0072
Scudge is among the group singing about the days of the week.
"The Mr. and Mrs. Game Show"
Episode 0072
Scudge appears in "The Mr. and Mrs. Game" show as Beautiful Day Monster's wife.
Monsters look at "A"
Episode 0083
Scudge is among the group of monsters who observe a giant letter "A".
Monsters and the letter "G"
Episode 0085
A group of monsters (including Scudge) enter the frame, look upward, and exclaim "Gee!" The camera pulls back and reveals they're admiring a letter G.
Monsters and the letter "C"
Episode 0089
A group of monsters, including Scudge, whisper the letter "C" to one another.
Professor Hastings' Feelings Lecture
Episode 0106
Professor Hastings conducts a lecture about the ways people feel, but keeps drifting off. Meanwhile, two groups of Muppets behind him pass by; one cheering for their winning team, and the others crying for the losing team. Scudge is among those in the happy team.
"Here and There"
Episode 0111
Scudge appears at the end of the original 1970 version of the "Here and There" sketch.
"First and Last"
Episode 0116
A bearded hippie leads a group of monsters, among them are Scudge and the early Grover, in a game where they march in a line and then switch directions.

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