SeaWorld is a chain of aquatically-themed amusement parks owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

SeaWorld Orlando

"Sesame Street at Sea World" concept art

In May 2017, it was announced that a Sesame Street themed area would be added to SeaWorld Orlando, aimed with a 2022 open date.[1] A year later, an announcement was made that the new area, Sesame Street at SeaWorld, would open in Shamu's Happy Harbor in 2019. The area will be designed after the Sesame Street set, with locales such as 123 Sesame Street and Hooper's Store, and will feature walk-around characters, wet and dry rides and a daily parade featuring the Muppet characters.[2]


SeaWorld San Diego

Sesame Street Bay of Play opened at SeaWorld San Diego in 2008, replacing Shamu's Happy Harbor.

The following rides are found at SeaWorld San Diego:

  • Abby's Seastar Spin: a spinning teacup ride
  • Elmo's Flying Fish: a rotating flying attraction, similar to Disneyland's "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" ride
  • Oscar's Rockin' Eel: a rocking tugboat ride themed like an eel

In 2018, a version of the Neighborhood Street Party parade at Sesame Place debuted, titled the Sesame Street Party Parade.



For Halloween (2009-2010), their character breakfasts feature Count von Count.[3] Abby Cadabby's Halloween Adventure is a 4,000 sq ft pathway filled with interactive elements, where kids help find Abby's magic wand. In 2011, Count Von Count's Spooktacular Breakfast was offered as character dining.

A Sesame Street Christmas is a stage show added in December 2009. Character dining at the park was seasonally themed to "Elmo and Friends Christmas Breakfast".

SeaWorld San Antonio



Sesame Street Bay of Play 2011 Commercial

Sesame Street Bay of Play was added to SeaWorld San Antonio in 2011.

The following rides are found at SeaWorld San Antonio:

  • Big Bird's Spinning Reef: a Ferris wheel
  • Elmo's Dolphin Dive: a vertical drop ride
  • Abby Cadabby's Rocking Wave: a ride that rocks forwards, backwards and sideways
  • Little Bird's Splash: a water area "where kids can play in 22 water elements such as bubblers, geysers, jets and dumping buckets."

As with SeaWorld San Diego, a version of the Neighborhood Street Party parade at Sesame Place debuted in 2018, also titled the Sesame Street Party Parade.


In 2011, a Sesame Street Brunch ran as the character dining event. The 2009 show continued at Nautilus Amphitheater, while Elmo's Christmas Wish was added at Happening Stage.

Walk-Around Characters

Elmo, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Rosita, Grover, Oscar the Grouch (joined in 2015), Zoe, Count von Count, Honkers (purple and orange), Prairie Dawn, Telly Monster

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