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Sesame Street
Premiere November 27, 1978 (1186)
Finale May 25, 1979 (1315)
Episodes 130

10th Anniversary logo by Michael J. Smollin


Alternate logos by Smollin

Season 10 with fruit

The Sesame Street cast of season 10.


Mr. Hooper and David meet Telly Monster, a monster obsessed with watching television.


Bert teaches his pet pigeon Bernice how to play checkers.


Many segments take the cast out on-location in New York City.

No Littering 1269

Oscar goes spelunking in a Central Park wastebasket.


Oscar travels with his new chauffeur Bruno.


Oscar introduces Gordon to the Sloppy Jalopy.


The Ringmaster demonstrates the number 8.

Big Bird park pigeon

Big Bird dines with some feathered friends.


Millie and Molly have tea with their new pet turtle.


Oscar's baby niece Irving, a chip off the ol' Grouch.


Luis and Buffy volunteer at the Day Care Center.


The Two-Headed Monster demonstrates cooperation while brushing his teeth.

Street Fever

David parodies John Travolta in a Saturday Night Fever-esque strut down the street: "David's Street Fever."

Sesame Street Season 10 aired from November 27, 1978, to May 25, 1979.


The show's landmark tenth season continues curriculum elements that were introduced the previous year such as dental health, proper hygiene, nutrition, and exercise. Science concepts are also expanded upon, as exemplified in an episode where Bob and Linda demonstrate cause and effect with various objects. Questions such as "What's inside?" and "What's alive?" are explored, as when Herry learns how his toy car works in Episode 1209.

Ethnic diversity in New York City is a major focus this season, such as an episode in which The Polka Dot family visits Sesame Street and get a lesson on tolerance, learning that just because someone doesn't have polka dots doesn't mean they are of less value. Many segments of the show are shot on-location in various New York City hot spots, including Central Park, Lincoln Center, and Chinatown.[1] Viewers get to witness Oscar driving a garbage truck, Big Bird dropping off laundry for Mr. Snuffleupagus, and Olivia imagining herself giving a concert at an empty bandshell.

Characters and segments[]

The relatively new shaggy dog character Barkley (previously named Woof Woof) makes more frequent appearances (including during the opening theme), eventually being taken over by Muppet performer Brian Muehl. Telly Monster, a character obsessed with watching television, is featured in one show before being rewritten and developed further next season. Cookie Monster also introduces Ernie to his baby cousin who prefers veggies over sweets. Oscar's universe is expanded to include his baby niece Irving, as well as a chauffeur in the form of Bruno the Trashman, who was created to allow performer Caroll Spinney to make Oscar more mobile. Another way Oscar gets to escape his home base is the Sloppy Jalopy, a taxi service that warns customers "Ride At Your Own Risk."

Thelma Thumb and Billy Jo Jive return for new adventures exploring science concepts, siblings Millie and Molly show how family members can get along, and a cartoon ringmaster introduces numbers through various circus acts.

The season's locations continue to be extended beyond the main street set. The home of David is seen when he invites Barkley to sleep during a rainstorm, the interior of the garage is expanded when the Sesame gang decides to clean it up, and several episodes take place at the Day Care Center, where kids (and the occasional bird and Grouch) play and learn with the cast members.


Episodes 1186 - 1315 (130 episodes)


  • The original season 5 countryside credit sequence is updated for this season, now combined with footage of railroad tracks and a canyon.
  • Starting with this season (through 1982), an alternate version of the Children's Television Workshop logo is featured. The same Roman-style plaque is used, except that it was printed with the Futura font (the same font as the show's letters and numbers) as opposed to the painted text on the earlier logo.


Linda Bove, Northern Calloway, Emilio Delgado, Will Lee, Loretta Long, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath, Roscoe Orman, Alaina Reed, Buffy Sainte-Marie
Jim Henson's Muppets
Caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt (Uncredited: Cheryl Blaylock, Fran Brill, Michael Earl, Olga Felgemacher, Rollie Krewson, Brian Muehl, Kathryn Mullen, Bob Payne, Toby Towson)
Guest Stars
George Benson, Canadian Brass, The Deadly Nightshade, William Hickey, Gregory Hines, Maurice Hines


Linda, David, Luis, Mr. Hooper, Susan, Maria, Bob, Gordon, Olivia, Buffy, Willy, Mr. Macintosh
The Amazing Mumford, Anything Muppets, Barkley, Bert, Biff, The Big Bad Wolf, Big Bird, Mrs. Bolinski, Brad, Bruce Monster, Bruno the Trashman, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Don Music, Ernie, Fred the Wonder Horse, Georgie, Gladys the Cow, Grover, Harry, Harvey Monster, Herry Monster, Irving, Mr. Johnson, Kermit the Frog, Lance, Lefty the Salesman, Little Bird, Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, The Martians, Maurice Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Prince Charming, Sam the Robot, Sherlock Hemlock, Sinister Sam, Slimey, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Sully, Telly Monster, The Three Little Pigs, Two-Headed Monster



Season 10 credit crawl

credit crawl


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